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A selection of bowl and vases that are available in our Gallery or to order



A selection of turned items by Philip Greenwood  His range is from Bowls for everyday use to items of art. A professional turner  with  magazine articles published world wide and a tutor of woodturning.
Local timber is used and each piece individually made and finished by Philip in his workshop
If you would like to try Woodturning find more details on the course site

A few pieces that are more art or sculptural. These include textured surfaces and colour

Oak Wall art, 700 mm x 330 mm

Ash wall art, 280 mm x 20 mm

Horse Chestnut hollow form 205 mm x 95 mm,

Main bowl made from Beech ,190 mm x 100 mm .Walnut Finial 112 mm  high

Black lacquered wall art, 205 mm x 105 mm.

This shows you a collection of items from Clocks, Earring stands and other small items