Club IRD.

For Philip to attend clubs fill in the contact form bottom of page.

Philip offers Interactive Remote Demonstration (IRD)  by Zoom in HD. This can be direct to a club or to members homes. My demonstrations are on techniques and projects.  

Demonstrations of projects can include Spindle or cross grain turning. Homemade jigs will be used for some projects.  All above projects are can be adapted to suite the members of the Club. My demonstrations will show how to achieve a good finish off the tool without lots of sanding, and with minimum tools and equipment.

I will be using several HD cameras along with graphics to aid the demonstration, this will always give you the best view. A maximum of 100 members can be accommodated at a time. Demonstration project will be discussed prior to the demo with the club secretary.

This type of demonstration is proving popular with clubs. it’s very cost effective for a club, I only charge a demonstration fee no additional costs. An evening remote demonstration will cost £150 while a full day will cost £240.

Questions can be answered during the demo and afterwards. Philip has been a woodturning demonstrator  since 2008 at clubs and exhibitions.

For a in person demonstration in-person-demonstrations